About Us

Hi, My name is Jerry Evans and I’ve been running AlaskaComedy.com & Comedy North for about 20 years now. I’ve a fan and student of stand-up comedy ever since I purchased The Smother’s Brothers LP from JC Penny’s in 1971, which was followed quickly by albums by Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart and eventually George Carlin, Cheech and Chong, and Redd Foxx (my brother Don had to buy those for me). We started bring comedians up for one-night shows in Fairbanks, and have evolved to something quite different. We started doing shows in and around Interior Alaska, and for the last 10+ years we've played Alaska’s larger communities like Anchorage, Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan. We have also taken our headliners to more remote Alaskan areas like Nome, Petersburg, Bethel, Dutch Harbour, Barrow, Kotzebue, The North Slope, Anaktuvuc Pass and many more. We’ve performed in schools, theaters, sports arenas, concert halls, churches, bars, boats, decks, busses, tents and on a man-made island. With speaker systems and without. We’ve brought some of today’s top stand-up comedians up to Alaska. The people we bring up out of Los Angeles, New York and beyond are at the top of their field. Most, if not all, have appeared numerous times on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and much more. Some have starred in their own television shows like Kevin James, Louis CK, Chris Titus, and Jon Dore, among others. Many are winners and runners-up on Last Comic Standing and America’s Got Talent like Lachlan Patterson, Chris Porter, Tom Cotter, John Wing, John Heffron and Alonzo Bodden. We’ve even brought up 80's comedy Icons like “Bobcat” Goldthwait and Emo Phillips. And really, that doesn’t even scratch the surface. For a fun look at many past performers, please visit our Green Room (we’re continuing to add to it). So whether you’re a fan of stand-up, looking to bring comedy to your event or location, or have always wanted to try your hand at stand-up comedy, welcome and thanks for checking us our. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments through our contact page. Thanks, and enjoy, Jerry
Bob Zany, the walking/talking Stand-up Comedy Museum. This guys done it all and is one of my favorites It was surreal hangin’ with Cheech & Chong. At age 15 I could recite every word of Big Bambu & Los Cochinos